Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stereotypes In High School

These days there are many more stereotypes in high school. Back then they had the general stereotypes such as popular, not popular and in between. These days there are so many different categories teenagers can be put into that it often gets confusing. The main stereotypes that most people know are the nerd, geek, athletes, popular girls, popular guys, emo/Goth, hipsters, surfer/skater guys, artists, actors and musicians, teens that aren’t popular or not popular, group that is mixed with all different types of people and the teens that just hang out by themselves. Not all of these stereotypes appear in every high school and in some schools there aren’t any labels. Being labelled isn’t always necessarily a bad thing because you can find people that are really similar to you, but also being labelled can be a bad thing when you feel like you can’t hang out with certain types of people, or if you are judged for liking different types of things. It can also get really confusing if you don't just fit into 'one' specific category. In today’s society we see a lot stereotypes in movies and TV shows. What does this do to us when we see it? It makes us all think that we are a 'specific' type of person and that we are supposed to label and divide each other into groups of like-minded people. Why can’t we be more than one stereotype? Personally, I would fit into way more than one stereotype and at my school I’m not labelled. At my school, no one really gets labelled but in many other schools around the world many find themselves being divided into different groups. I really enjoy sport and I do a lot of it but I am also really arty; I love to draw and make stuff. I am also one the biggest geeks as I love all the different super heroes and I watch Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Star Wars. I fit into so many categories and so do many other people, so why do we have to be segregated? When people label each other it can affect everyone in many different ways. Some people don’t fully understand the effects it can have on people. People that are continuously labelled tend not to branch out to different types of people because they are worried that other people might say something or are scared that they would not fit into a different group. Stereotyping people can lead people to discriminate against each other and that is wrong. Everyone is different and that is what makes this world truly amazing because you can connect to all different types of people and learn things about yourself that you never realised before. My personality is really different to the people in my family and the people I go to school with and that is what makes my life really interesting.

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